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Shipping Policy

Stars Chairs ships to the forty-eight contiguous states, including the District of Columbia. Both Alaska and Hawaii. Shipments are delivered by UPS®, FedEx® or other LTL carriers. If you choose to use your own LTL shipping account or UPS/FEDEX it is your responsibility to contact shipping company for updates. 

The exact delivery date of your order may depend on several factors, including, without limitation, the date and time you place your order, the schedules and processes of our shipping partners, holiday schedules, weather, and other factors. Even though we try to anticipate delays, we cannot predict or always prepare for delays caused by carriers, mistakes in delivery or shipment information, changes to orders, strikes, severe weather, or other similar circumstances. If there is a delay, we will do whatever we can to help move things along, although we cannot promise we will be able to resolve the delay. If you have questions about your delivery, please contact us.

International Shipping

We currently only do international shipping if you are using your own shipping company. Contact us if you have any questions or to arrange shipping.

Effective as of August 22, 2022


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